About Me

Hi, my name is Mia and im a 20 years old girl who live in Denmark. Denmark is a little counrty in the northen part of Europe. I have lived in Denmark most of my life in a town called Sønderborg. This is my town. And how the nature is around in that area. This is where im from. A town by the sea in sourthen Denmark. Sønderborg/Soenderborg is the name of the town.

This is me. I’m a girl that loves to be creative.
I have played the piano for aorund 10 years. I love it and still play today. I love sewing, being creative with it. I have been sewing for some years, but has gotten more into thouhg the years as I got older.
Drawing and paitning is somehting I have done as well. I had a painting class in school so it is safe to say i love to be creative in many different way. with the paiting, sewing and music.

Im a girl who loves to travel! I love getting and seeing new places! I love exploring and trying new thing. But most of all I love to see the different in culture, with the buildings, towns, art, people and so on.

I have all ways had a Love for Travel. So much that when i was 17, I went to the US to live for a year. I had never been to the US before, but i loved every second of it there. I went to high school there in Montana, I lived with a host family.

With traveling comes a lot of different languages. I love to hear the different langauges. I, my self, speak Danish, English and German.

Danish is my native language. English, Im floating in. German, is okay but im taking classes now so that my german can get good.

I would love to learn French. Maybe i will try to start learing it this year. we will see. 🙂