Remember to treat yourself! 😍

The last couple of day I have been home alone in me and my boyfriends apartment.

I like love having my boyfriend around but I also enjoy some time to myself.

I think it is every important to have that relationship with yourself. That you are not “scared” or “bord” being by yourself. But that you in this time try to treat yourself. Not in the way of things but in the way of doing things you love. And doing things by yourself.

I, myself have been down by the beach (I live close to a beach) enjoying the wonderful weather we’re having in Denmark. Just sitting by myself and looking out and reeding a book and enjoying some ice cream 😜

Some people will/would find this hard or boring to do. Why would you sit by yourself? That what I think is important and healthy that you can have that relationship with yourself and being that “close” to yourself that you can enjoy some time by yourself.

What I did (as I said) I went down to the beach (photos) sat in the grass and had a book with me. I love this course I’m really treating myself in the way that it is relaxing for me to read and being in nature. (in the photo is what I brought with me)

But that is what I find as a treat to myself to do. You do what makes you happy and relaxed. But I just recommend that you go out and do something by yourself. Eat at a restaurant by yourself or bike cycling or do as me (or get inspired form that).

I hope that you found this helpful to you ☺️ cause I would just love to spread some awareness to how important it is to be good to yourself, but also to be good friends with yourself so that you can do stuff like this on your own. Because I fell much stronger and confident when I do stuff like this, I get to now myself and I show myself that I like my own company. And if you first like your own company then many others will to. ☺️❤️

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