Do more of what makes you happy

Do more of what makes you happy is really something I have been thinking a lot about lately.

I have had a hard time this year. Trying to figure my personal life out with myself. Like how I am and how I want to become.

But one thing I really have thought about alot is do what makes you happy.

I have tried to do that more. So that have meant for me to apply for a degree in English at Shouthen Danish University in Odense. Some people in my family was a bit against it when I told them, but I didn’t care course u wanted to do what make me happy. Even when I don’t know what I want to use the degree for I get to studie something I like and enjoy 😊

And that is really the impotent I think. The imports in life is not where things can take you, but it is the journey there! And how it makes you feel and who you become fork it. Cause everything we do in life has an effect on us. So why not do some thing that makes you happy 😊 no matter what it is and what people will think about you, do what you love cause it is our life and you have to live it.

So travel, draw, take a degree, move, dance in the rain ☔ together or by yourself. it doesn’t matter just as long as it makes you happy 😊

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