Two fun days with my girls

So I work at a theme park 😍 it’s called universe, it’s a scenes park. The park is in Southern Denmark 🇩🇰 . So everything in the park is based on sciences and how science can be fun in many different ways and for different ages 😊

I have worked there the last 4-5 months I think and it have been a lot of fun.

But with my work I have taken my Freinds with me. I went to different days with some of my girls, just to have a fun weekend at the park.

The first time was with 3 of my good Freinds we had so much fun in the park. It was a really hot day! I think it was around 32 degree Celsius.

We went to the Segway trail. It is one of the bigger attraction in the park. We had so much fun and took a lot of fun pictures

We had a wonderful day. It was so good having some time together with the girls.

So that was the first day with the girls

Then I went this weekend with some more of my Freinds ☺️ and that was also a fun day but a lot colder 😂

But it was still fun. This time we went to the sky trail and the Segway. Skytrail is a trail where you can climb and try yourself out with the hight. It’s is a lot of fun and you really get to try ourself out.

I, myself is not that afraid of heights. But three of my Freinds is but they did it and I was and still is so proud of them for doing it.

We went to the ball factory 🏭 avian like this last time l. It is a places where they have a factory where everything involves balls. The picture can show it better then I can tell it 😂

So overall I have had a great two days with my friends! So I hope that you like these pictures and my little writing 😂 im still learning how to do this so hope it’s okay 😂

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